Free Virgo September Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Virgo September monthly 2016 horoscope

The background is going to be filled with odds all around while for those born under the sign Virgo may have things glittering in the foreground. The smiles appearing on the faces with a soul much in turmoil won’t have the glow won’t have depth in it. Likewise, for Virgo borns, things may look much at ease but inside there will be much agony about what lies in store. Professional, financial and other sectors of life too will be subject to these agitations throughout the month.

Virgo September Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 3rdhouse which is very good. The transit of Jupiter is through the 1st house. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are adverse as the axis is falling in 12thand 6th houses respectively.Mars through the 3rdhouse, Venus through the 1sthouse while Mercury also is through the 1sthouse most of the month are going to make this month an adverse one for you. The month will be a mysterious one for all born under this sign. Outwardly everything will be going good or at least will seem to be under control while inwardly it will all be boiling. The professional life is in shatters since last few months and you were putting in your best efforts to keep things together making sure that its not crumbling down. This month also the situation will continue to be more or less on the similar lines but all of a sudden you might realize that irrespective of the efforts you were putting in to keep it steady, things are really moving towards a fall apart. You will be tensed about the same to the core. You will sense the change in attitude and also the movements in the background by your colleagues and superiors to corner you. You will clearly sense the situation and also the outcome of it too which may befall on to you in the near future but you won’t be able to find a solution either to immobilize it or at least to keep it deferred to a later date. Though looking for an alternate and be ready to face the plot built against you is the only way out and you too realize the same, your mind bound by emotions will keep you backlogged in doing so. Financially this would be an adverse period too. The obstructed flow of money along with increased expenses will keep you much worried on account of finances. Also the financial aid you extended to one of your friends in the past in the form of a bank guarantee may become a burden for you now.

Virgo September Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

While the professional and financial life are in turmoil, it will be the family and personal life which would provide you some amount of relief.Your family will be providing you a good support and that will help you to be in good stead. Social life will be good, but it is advisable to keep your social activities as a low profile for a while as unexpected rifts are foreseen.

Virgo September Education and Traveling horoscope

Mercury and Jupiter are conjoined in the 1st house which will help the students of this sign to have a good month in educational front. Your performance in education will be good and the same will drag applause from various corners. A reward or scholarship is in store. Travel plans have to be kept aside for a while as none of the planetary influences are in support of the same.

Virgo September Health horoscope

The month will be a normal one as far as health is concerned. Your health won’t have any issues now, but the mental restlessness would affect your health.

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