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Pisces August monthly 2014 horoscope and Pisces  August  monthly Astrology

Pisces Monthly 2014  Horoscope Pisces August Monthly Horoscope

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Pisces 2014 Horoscope
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You will be very fortunate and happy. You will excel in academic and intellectual pursuits and you will have good gains from speculations, speculative investments and entertainment fields. You can expect a male child who is going to join in your family. Your children might make you very proud and happy with their extraordinary compliments. Your popularity in your acquaintance circle will increase and you will receive good benefits from government sources. You will remain in good health but you may tend to lose appetite which needs to be checked.

Pisces AugustCareer, Incomes and Gains horoscope
Jupiter the 1st & 10th lord is placed in 5th house is good from this month. Mercury and Venus placements increase comforts. You will have better opportunities to make use of your abilities and talents for which you will receive due rewards. You will receive favors from the authorities and will have victory over your enemies. There may be new opportunities for development in the sectors of Banking, Management and Finance. Business personnel may busy with their scheduled meetings. It is a time for taking up of international assignments and a way will open for new business enhancement, and put multiple branches in different places. Business related to garments, cloths, wholesale of luxury items, paper may give fruitful profits. It is better to take proper note on your partnerís activities to see more fruitful results. This is perfectly a suitable stand for finance. You may clear unnecessary expenses and put some long-term investments. Purchase of some fixed assets is going to see in this month. Your earnings will be considerably increased while wasteful expenditures will be reduced to minimum. You will amass wealth and acquire precious items like ornaments.

Pisces AugustLove, Family and Social Life horoscope
Transit of Venus and Jupiter clears your ways of tensions in personal life. Venus placement will increase strength to the position. You will be fortunate in respect of romantic liaisons. Your family life will be joyful and happy; some of your children could be a source of pride. You may have journeys in connection with your family and spouse. Love life will go smoothly and you will meet with a new partner who cares you very much. Try to increase social networks where you meet a genuine love.

Pisces AugustEducation and Traveling horoscope
Mercury and Jupiter are strong in giving fruitful results. Children may successful in academic pursuits and become exceedingly poplar as their name will be widespread. You will become very energetic and perform some meritorious deeds which will enhance your popularity and status. Financial assistance from government authorities are fruitful and help poor students. Travels give good scope for enjoyment and you may get some valuable things during travel.

Pisces PiscesHealth horoscope
During this month, you may suffer from windy complaints and also from a lingering disease and may remain bed-ridden for a short period. Backbone pain and stomach obstacles may bother this month. Spouse health seems to be average and need some extra care.

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