Free Pisces October Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Pisces October monthly 2016 horoscope

An excellent month is ahead for the ones born under the sign Pisces. There will be many new developments in life, especially in the profession.Your long standing issues in the profession may come to an end now while more happiness will follow in the form of new openings in the profession. The money will flow around you than usual which will enable you to be secured in the financial front. Family life also will be fine but in the health front you might have to face issues.

Pisces October Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 9thhouse which is neither very bad nor good. The transit of Jupiter is through the 7th house by the middle of the month while the transits of Rahu and Ketu are adding intensity to it as the axis is falling in 6thand 12th houses respectively.Mars through the 10thhouse, Venus through the 8thhouse while Mercury is through the 7thand 8thhousesalmost throughout the month is going to make it a highly beneficial one for you. The transit of Jupiter along with that of Mars and Mercury are all good for you in this month. Thus there would be a good flow in career throughout the month. The obstacles and hurdles in your career since last few months would have kept you under immense pressure and frustrations but this month would help you to overcome all that. You were facing issues with your profession mainly due to the nature of work you pursued in the last 2 or 3 years time. Most of you would have taken a job in a line which was not satisfying you probably since last 2 years. Your inability to find a new one in your line of interest must have caused much frustration for you. Meanwhile due to poor financial situations you would have carried with the same too. This would be the period where you might have options coming in your way in the professional life. Jobs from the aspired line of profession along with satisfactory income and position will be offered to you. Meanwhile helping hands coming from unexpected sources too will be the highlight of the month. Financially there will be much relief from the adversities you were subject to since last few months as unexpected gains would take place and some funds which you were expecting since long will be released.

Pisces October Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Transit of the 7th lord Mercury is through the sign Virgo where he is getting excited and also he is conjoined with Jupiter could be construed as a beneficial one for you in both family and personal front. The family life will be good and the relationship with spouse will be cordial. Those who are singles might meet their love. Social life would stay afloat. Do not indulge much in social activities as you are prone to fall into an extramarital affair.

Pisces October Education and Traveling horoscope

Regaining interest in studies would be the herculian task for the students of this sign to be met in this month on an emergency basis. They might put in their best efforts towards the same but may have to go through many hiccups. Unless students of this sign who are subject to lacking of interest in studies since the recent past their studies and performances may get affected. Rahu's position in the 5th house with the aspect of Saturn is a tough planetary influence to overcome.

Pisces October Health horoscope

Beware of the development of some health issues related to your skin. Anything developing on the health front especially in connection to the skin may prolong. The planetary influences are also indicating possibilities for development of heart related health issues.

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