Free Leo October Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Leo October monthly 2016 horoscope

For people born under Leo, this is going to be an excellent month. The finances will show much progress and heavy inflow. You will rejoice your financial flexibility and money flow around you throughout the month. Professionally the situation will be much so-so. On one side things favoring you will be taking place while there may be events which may cause obstruction also. But the bottom line is that you are able to tackle all adverse things in your career front.

Leo October Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 4th house which is adverse. The transit of Jupiter is through the 2nd house. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are adverse as the axis is falling in 1stand 7th houses respectively.Mars through the 5th house, Venus through the 3rdhouse is average while and Mercury is through the 2ndand 3rdhousesare good thus the transits in this month are going to provide you many beneficial results. Beware of your enemy among the colleagues who would be trying to make a plot against you to cause damage to your reputation. You may be linked with one of your colleague from the opposite sex and a plot against you and the lady will be spread to cause harm to your reputation in the office. The main motive behind it will be to kill your confidence and by which making you low in your performances thus the enemy can take advantage of it. Meanwhile, the situation can be used to cause an adverse impression in the minds of your superior with which they may have to rethink about the status to be given to you in the next appraisal. Meanwhile, you will be able to track down each activity plotted against you and prove your innocence to those around you ultimately killing the attempt to degrade you. Your ability to prevent these will keep you highly confident and also helping you to make sure that you are not lagging in your performance. Financially too this month will be a very good one for you. There will much influx of income. You may have opportunities to make extra income from your work which may come as a surprise. The long standing issues in the financial front will be dealt with confidence and also will be solved to a good extend.

Leo October Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

The unpleasant circumstance in the individual and family life will proceed. Your association with mate and youngsters will be strained while your own relationship, particularly in the expert front, might be genial. Social life will be great. Ample opportunity has already past to advance yourself in the group of friends as you are going to receive profited in return professionally on a later stage.

Leo October Education and Traveling horoscope

The positive transits of both Mercury and Jupiter along with that of Mars will help you to be at your best in the educational front. Those who are wishing to go abroad in connection to your profession may initiate the process towards the same as it is a highly supportive time for going abroad.

Leo October Health horoscope

Your health might be influenced because of the issues identified with the blood arrangement of the body. Constant issues like circulatory strain and diabetics are to be dealt with. Anyway those who are wishing to go for a long term be influenced by dealt with treatment to improve health should be looking forward positively in this month for the same.

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