Free Libra August Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Libra August monthly 2016 horoscope

This is going to be an eventful month for you in many ways. Financially there will be better prospects in this month. Your relations too will be fine throughout the month. Meanwhile, in the professional front you may face some issues and even will be forced to look for a change due to the sudden and unexpected adverse developments in the career front. Health wise you need to be really careful in this month as some issues related to health are possible.

Libra August Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 2ndhouse which is bad as it is causing Sade-sathi. The transit of Jupiter through the 11thhouse and will be moving to the 12th house by the middle of the month. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are adverse as the axis is falling in 11thand 5th houses respectively.Mars through the 3rdhouse, Venus through the 10thhouse while Mercury also is through the 10thhouses respectively are going to make this month with the influx of both positive and negative events. The transit of Saturn through the 2nd house is causing Sade-Sathi for you and him being retrograde will intensify the adversity. The transit of Jupiter is through going to fall in the 12th house from the middle of the month which is adverse too. Meanwhile, rest of the planets are having a positive transit throughout the month. These are going to create mixed results throughout the month. You will face sudden and unexpected developments in your workplace which will cause uneasiness for you in every aspect. The proposal for a change, may be a change of place or a change of responsibility will be imposed upon you by the superiors. But whatever form the proposal it may be, it will be against your wish and plans about the future so you will much be reluctant to accept it. Adding to the turmoil you are already subject to in your life this proposal for the change in the profession will only force you to accept the situation as you will be having no confidence in facing a situation where you lose the job. But you will be getting into a decision that a change in job is a must, and you will start looking for it though nothing much will be coming in your way. Though you will be going through a bad patch financially now you will be able to manage the show but the lack of solutions to overcome the situation will worry you much. Those who are into share markets and speculations may have moderate gains, people who are into real estate are prone to loses.

Libra August Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Jupiter moving to the 12th house by the middle of the month is extremely bad for relationships especially in love life and marital affairs. Unexpected issues arising due to the indifferences and misunderstandings will bother you much. Social life will be average and even there are possibilities ill name it will be wise to cut out the schedule for social gatherings.

Libra August Education and Traveling horoscope

Jupiter is adverse from the middle of the month while Mercury is good throughout the month and these are indicating that a mixed month is ahead for the students. You may have to put your hard work to obtain good results. There are good chances for having short distance journeys while the long distance journey plans will go through many hurdles.

Libra August Health horoscope

You may have issues related to your digestive system of the body and women born under this sign may have to go through severe attacks imbalances in their menstrual periods. Much care is needed otherwise the issues arising now would prolong.

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