Free Libra October Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Libra October monthly 2016 horoscope

The stress is increasing in your life in various fronts and that is leading to the lack of confidence and laziness and also a feeling of being low in life. An unknown fear will be looming inside of you which will neither be overcome by you nor be sorted out by you. Professional life will be having a low profile as whatever you do in your professional front is going wrong. Financially things are going away from your control and you will be forced to witness it helplessly. The turmoil from the personal and family life will intensify the mental agitations.

Libra October Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 2ndhouse which is bad as it is causing Sade-sathi. The transit of Jupiter is through the 12th house. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are adverse as the axis is falling in 11thand 5th houses respectively. Mars through the 3rd house, Venus through the 1sthouse while Mercury is through the 12thand 1sthouses respectively for most of the month are going to make this month more of an adverse one. The transit of Jupiter is through the 12th house from your sign which is an adverse one for you. This transit along with the transit of Saturn causing Sade-sathi are going to make you commit some mistake in the professional life which will be slowly heading towards a crisis which you could sense and that may keep you pensive throughout the month. Some of the ground movements are taking place in your office which would soon will have you transferred from the existing roles and a new role with an uninspired responsibility will be imposed upon you. The new role which might get imposed upon you would have a lot of limits your current freedom on decision making and also the nature of the work too will change in a great extend. Thinking about this upcoming crisis in the profession you would try hard to avoid it but your attempts to do so will meet with failures. Financially too this would be a tough one as your expected increase income along with the funds offered all going to be delayed. Showing frustration on these won't help rather it would be wise to wait till things start moving in your favour. You might get persuaded by a property deal or something of such sort which you need to be avoiding as any kind of investment will only cause loses for you now.

Libra October Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Personal life will go through many ups and downs in this month. Someone within the family may influence your spouse adversely which would start acting against you as there might arise a distance between you and your spouse. The sincerity of your concerns and care towards your close ones would be looked with suspicion especially by your spouse which would bring much disappointment agony for you.

Libra October Education and Traveling horoscope

An average month for the students of this sign. The situation would start getting tough as your focus in education gets distracted this month and even the simplest tasks would start bothering you much as you are unable to fulfill it in time.

Libra October Health horoscope

You have to be careful about your health in this month as you might be subject to a sudden development of chronic health issues like diabetics or blood pressure and allied health issues of the same.

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