Free Aquarius July Horoscope by Kamal Kapoor

Aquarius July monthly 2015 horoscope

This is a strong period ahead after long time; each effort will seem to be perfectly shaped by you. Your new plan of actions in profession are seems to be effective, simultaneously getting opportunities are good to your knowledge. Increase of a member in family fills satisfaction. Auspicious functions are going to take place during the period. You will meet your old friends in social circle. Health seems to be in improving stage with strict diet.

Aquarius July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Transit of Jupiter to 7th house seems to be great in attending things. Venus and Mercury placements are strong enough at all times. Major transit of Rahu, Ketu in the 8th and 2nd houses will continuously average. Career progress will be start flourishing with the hard efforts you had in the past. There will be improving in situations with all your subordinates and superiors. Your sincerity will come in to the picture to uplift in position; there will be increase in workload due to the increase of responsibilities. This month you will meet all your requirements with best support. New financial investments will seem to be starting in middle of the month. Effective communication will bring new finance from kinsfolk and friends. There will be purchase of fixed asset on installments basis. Your protocol on pending dues will be supportive at all times to get the required benefits. Business entrepreneurs are to increase their performance as most of the things will come to you. Your own decisions will be worked out in sensitive issues. Recruit personal in freehand basis to meet the requirements and control financial expenses.

Aquarius July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

The rashi lord Saturn over the 10th house retrograde is neutral. Venus and Mercury placement gives strong impact on results. Marital life will be good to see between couples. Their inter correlation in activities are effective in giving results. Love relations are quite progressive; there will be a romantic journey which happens between lovers. Loves proposals will work out put your efforts sincerely, as your partner will understand your feelings and accept your invitation. New proposals for marriage will come to a conclusion. Social circle is in progressive stage, better to increase as per the convenience.

Aquarius July Education and Traveling horoscope

Placement of Mercury is normal for higher education. Students are very confident in their studies; on the other hand, they are the lucky person who joins prestigious institution to get good scope on their education. An opportunity in the field of sports will be utilize by you properly. There will be a joyous travel with your friends.

Aquarius July Health horoscope

Health will be totally in your control. There will be less possibilities of doctors' advice this time. Family peace will be the secret of your energetic interaction. Diabetic personnel try their best to control habits, which works well.

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