Free Aquarius July Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Aquarius July monthly 2016 horoscope

This is going to be a so-so month for Aquarius borns in every sector of life. Professionally the good trend continues in this month. The changed atmosphere and the warm welcome you are having there along with much ease you are having at the work front are all going to keep you afloat. While the finances are going to be a bit rough personal life will be having many struggles in it. Being with the flow is what required. Planning and visualizing future should be postponed.

Aquarius July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 10thhouse which is neither very bad nor very good. The transit of Jupiter through the 7thhouse is highly supportive while the transits of Rahu and Ketu are causing diminishing effects to it as the axis is falling in 7thand 1sthouses respectively.Mars through the 11thhouse, Venus through the 5thand 6th houses most of the month while Mercury through the 5thand 6thhouses respectively is going to make this month an average one. In professional front, everything is going to be in tandem. The change took place in the profession, and the change in the atmosphere are giving you much relief. The new place is much comfortable. The work is much easier than what you were having in the past, and also you can perform well to your satisfaction. You will be able to perform as per others expectation and also to your satisfaction. You will be much comfortable and will be having an easy going attitude. Anyway, it is recommended that you keep a close watch over your colleagues especially the ones who are showing much closeness to you might not be your good-wishers. They might inject thoughts into you which will force you to feel that the actual good people around are evil minded and also causing you to keep a distance from them. Anyhow since all Aquarius people are fast in thinking and also highly intuitive, you will do well in gauging what is right and what's wrong. Meanwhile, financially this month would keep some hurdles for in the store. All the funds from every expected source will be getting delayed. You will have the frustration of the same. You should be showing enough patience and also making sure that you are not pressurizing the sources from where you are anticipating the funds.

Aquarius July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

The personal life is going through a lot of fumbles. You will even wonder what more could be done to overcome the current situation. You might have issues with your spouse on various maters. Even many of your family members will have a tough time with you. Your personal and social life also are going to be average in this month.

Aquarius July Education and Traveling horoscope

A highly productive month for the students of this sign. You will be appreciated and even rewarded for your brilliance in your performance. You will also feel very high as you can focus well on your studies and also your interest in education is at its peak. If you are looking for moving abroad then keep things a little slow otherwise you would meet with many reversals killing your enthusiasm.

Aquarius July Health horoscope

A month which needs much caution in the health front. You will have to be very careful from having a minor accident or falling and getting injured in your back region. There is no threat to your life, but planets are indicating a bit struggle in your health front.

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