Free Aquarius September Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Aquarius September monthly 2016 horoscope

A month filled with the influx of events both adverse and beneficial. The month ahead will be causing instabilities in the profession. Lots of uncertainties will prevail in your career. You will have lots of cogitation regarding the future of your career. Financially this would be a month of relief in the midst of odds. Personal and family life will also be subject to many adversities.

Aquarius September Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 10thhouse which is neither very bad nor very good. The transit of Jupiter is through the 8th house while the transits of Rahu and Ketu are causing diminishing effects to it as the axis is falling in 7thand 1sthouses respectively.Mars through the 10thhouse, Venus through the 8th house while Mercury too is through the 8thhousecovering most of the month is going to make this month a mixed one for you. The transit of Saturn is through the 10th house which is basically adverse for your profession but him being out of his retrograde motion and also nearing the end of the sign are indicating that you will be lesser adversity from Saturn especially in the professional front. The transit of Jupiter has begun through the 8th house which is an adverse one causing sudden adverse situations in both professional and financial front. Together these planetary influence will cause a kind of uncertainty in your career. Initially, you will realize that what you planned for the future is not going to materialize as planned or not as beneficial as you expected even if it materialize. Thus you will redeem the situation and that will enable you to have new plans and vision for your future. The new plans which you may implement would have more important given towards your family related concerns. You may even be willing to sacrifice a bit in your profession if it is benefitting your family life. You will know that all these are not going to happen soon rather would take shape in the months to follow, but you will be very much getting prepared mentally for this. The finances will continue to have the bad run but in this month you will have a temporal relief. A loan granted to you by an old friend or securing a loan from a bank would happen and that will help you to manage the show and also to help you to stay steady in the financial front for a couple of months more.

Aquarius September Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

There are many indifferences taking place between you and your spouse and also with some of your family friends since recent past. Now in this month the issues will get more intensified due to new issues developing between you and your children. The family members will be much against you and they will all crucify you which will make you feel much low. Social life too is not going to be encouraging as wherever you go you will be either sidelined or you will earn bad remarks.

Aquarius September Education and Traveling horoscope

The transits of both major planets Saturn and Jupiter are adverse for you in this month along with that of Mercury too thus this is going to be an adverse month for students of this sign this student of this sign is going to face many adverse situations in the educational front. Meanwhile, if you are planning to go abroad in connection with your profession, then this should be the right time to initiate the procedures towards it as it all will be fruitful though it will take a bit extra time to attain the result.

Aquarius September Health horoscope

The chances of facing any kind of health issues are less in this month thus it can be deemed as a good one for you health wise. Anyhow a bit of care towards having small and minor injuries will be good.

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