Free Aquarius October Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Aquarius October monthly 2016 horoscope

The flow in life will be good. Your professional life will be sailing afloat. The worries you are subject to since a few months would seem to be fading away. Financially there will be a relieved situation though there are a few concerns in the financial front in the long run which is still bothering you.Concerns regarding personal and family life would cause some imbalance in your life but it will be well managed.

Aquarius October Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 10th house which is neither very bad nor very good. The transit of Jupiter is through the 8th house while the transits of Rahu and Ketu are causing diminishing effects to it as the axis is falling in 7thand 1sthouses respectively. Mars through the 11thhouse, Venus through the 9th house while Mercury is through the 8thand 9thhousescovering most of the month is going to make this month a beneficial one for you. The transit of Saturn is through the natal 10th house which is a producer of so-so results on the professional front but as he is nearing the end of the natal 10th house he will cause less harm for you. Meanwhile the transit of Jupiter is through the 8th house which is highly adverse but his debilitation has diminished the adverse effects. Mars and Venus are having the best transits. All these are indicating a good period in general and especially on the professional front. Your relationship with one and all in the professional front would become cordial now and that would enable you to perform well and gather attention and appreciation from your superiors and colleagues alike. Though nothing significant would take place in your profession this month will pave way for a happy and cordial atmosphere in the work place and that will help to wipe out many of your worries with respect to your profession from the recent past. The changed situation may even prompt you to have thinking about the future which was mainly depended upon the plans involving for a change in job. Your temptation to look for a change of location along with job will be diminishing in this month though you won't be giving it up entirely. Anyway constant change in trends taking place in planetary influences are to be taken as a reminder that you need to be much careful before having something concluded in your mind. Your financial status is going to be good in this month as there are a few surprise advent of funds would help you to be in position to manage things in the financial front well. There are a few issues still pending at your end which you yourself know that cannot be solved immediately rather only be able to solve it in long run may haunt you occasionally.

Aquarius October Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Nothing would work in your favour in this month when it comes to your family and personal life. There may be many matters which are leading to turmoil in family life across the month. A right time for singles to go in search for their love life while the ones who are wishing to get married may find the right alliance. Social life would be a bit adverse thus you should try to keep your social activities at a low.

Aquarius October Education and Traveling horoscope

The 4th lord of this sign is Venus and he is transiting through a good house. Mercury too is moving through his sign of exaltation thus students of this sign will enjoy a good month ahead. Your will be focussed and show much responsibility towards your studies now. Long term journeys may not be materializing while short term journeys are indicated and also that it would be a productive one.

Aquarius October Health horoscope

Healthwise this month needs to be a bit careful as danger from fire and also a sudden development of heart related issues are in store. Nothing major would take place, but an amount of distress is indicated with your health.

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