Free Aquarius May Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Aquarius May monthly 2016 horoscope

For Aquarius borns, the good flow from the last month would continue. There might be a few hindrances occurring, but you will be well on top of it soon. Professionally there will be improvements in your plans about the future which would bring much joy. Financially the increased income along with unexpected gains from various sources would put you in a strong position.

Aquarius May Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 10thhouse which is neither very bad nor very good. The transit of Jupiter through the 7thhouse is highly supportive while the transits of Rahu and Ketu are causing diminishing effects to it as the axis is falling in 7thand 1sthouses respectively.Mars through the 10thhouse, Venus through the 3rdhouse most of the month and Mercury through the 4thhouses respectively are going to are going to provide good results. As there is better vision about your future, you would have already started and planned about your career moves in coming months by now. This month will add more confidence and happiness to it by helping you to take further steps towards it. The good flow in current work atmosphere will continue, and you will show betterment in your performance day by day. Anyway, you have to make sure that your concentration on future career plans is not coming the way of your current performances. Financially the good flow will continue. The increased income is helping you to overcome the past constraints in the financial front while you might have gained through your spouse who would reach almost as a surprise. It would be a fortunate period for you to make investments, especially in properties. Those who are into real estate business would make huge gains in this month. Meanwhile, the ones who play in stock markets may have a bit of loses.

Aquarius May Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Overall this month would be a happy one as far as your family and personal life are concerned. But there might arise an unhappy situation with your spouse due to some misunderstandings and the verbal exchanges which would take place might increase the intensity of the disputes. Social life would be a good for you in this month but make sure that you don't indulge much with it as that may leave an adverse impression on a few people about you.

Aquarius May Education and Traveling horoscope

An excellent month for students of this sign. You might be having many positive turns in your educational path. There might be new opportunities coming up for a better academic career. Meanwhile, travelling also is possible for the ones who are born under this sign as this month will help you to get through the hurdles for the same.

Aquarius May Health horoscope

Healthwise this month would be so-so. There may not be any serious issues taking place in the health front rather there will be many small issues arising which may cause disturbances in your routine. You need to be cautious as your urinary system, and digestive system may get affected.

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