Free Scorpio July Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Scorpio July monthly 2016 horoscope

Making a good fight against the odds is indicative of the inner strength of a person and as the fight is prolonging the native is admired by one and all, but it always depends on on the result. Unless one can finish the fight with an outcome resulting in the success the efforts invested are all going to be in vain. This month will be much of a deciding one for the melee you were having in your profession. It will be brave if you could stand up a bit longer and don't give up in the tremor.

Scorpio July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 1sthouse which is bad since it is causing Sade-sathi. The transit of Jupiter through the 10thhouse and also approaching the transition thus is going to produce adverse results. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are adverse as the axis is falling in 10thand 4th houses respectively.Mars through the 2ndhouse, Venus through the 8thand 9thhouseswhile Mercury through the 8thand 9thhousesrespectively are going to be mixed thus this month would be much of an adverse one for you. You are going through many hurdles and tensions in your career since last one year or so, but you always fought against the odds especially when came to the decision of whether to continue at the current place or look for a change. You must have felt very insecure and frustrated on many occasions and also would have had a feeling to leave the current job, but you always ended up sticking to it as you were always guided by your intuition for the same. But this month your frustrations would reach it's peak. The denial of a couple of things offered to you earlier by your superiors which you were anticipating it eagerly would be the reason behind it. An opportunity to go abroad or have a journey to a distant place in connection to your job along with an elevation in a job which includes a change in a role providing you much freedom were the offered things which you were anticipating, and it may get either delayed or will be denied for a period. You will be feeling very low and also confused whether to give up this fight forever and move to another job. Anyway, the planetary influences are indicating that the current turmoil due to the unexpected reversals are just temporal, and all of it will get cleared and turn out to your favor soon so it would be wise to be patient for a couple of months more. Financially the bad run would continue, but there will be a manageable situation.

Scorpio July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

As the turmoil you are having in your professional life is causing you feel low the family life will bring some balance in life through the happy moments in it though not much. The family life is going to be hassle free, and that itself is going to make feel more secure.

Scorpio July Education and Traveling horoscope

A month with many positive turns for the students of this sign. The planetary influences especially the tendency to lack of interest and also to a lack of concentration are going to cause many digressions. Anyway, travel plans can be kept alive though the results will be obtained later.

Scorpio July Health horoscope

Healthwise this is going to be a good month though you will be a bit bothered about a migraine or some other kind of pains attacking you on the head region on a regular basis. Anyway, you need not worry much on this account as this is just a temporal development.

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