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Scorpio July monthly 2014 horoscope and Scorpio  July  monthly Astrology

Scorpio Monthly 2014  Horoscope Scorpio July Monthly Horoscope

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This is a normal month ahead. Financial stress will come down slowly; you will control expenses intellectually. Your gestures of friendliness are appreciated and under these circumstances the smallest kindness you do can lead to deep friendship and any existing relationships can be deepened. You intuitively know what best; offer help is at the right moment to give happiness to all.

Scorpio  July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope
Jupiter in 9th house starts giving of good results. Saturn transit in 12th house gives stress and makes unnecessary expenses. Rahu and Ketu placements give better results slowly. Sun, Mercury and Venus produce average results. You will have to accept accountability of your past deeds and be prepared to make amends, this gives success and there will be mental rest. Positive trends are more than the Negative ones; try to finish your assignments in stipulated time, this gives honors to your dedication. Professionals may get expected results to their efforts. Enemies will take backseat with your actions. Misunderstanding will clear with subordinates and higher-ups. Change in office premises or responsibility is foreseen. You could see stability in work and stress free actions. Financially things will be under control and you will clear your expenditures in an appropriate manner. Moreover there will be some kind of action which you may achieve in getting expected income. For Business entrepreneurs this is a first step for progress. Activeness in Business is indicated; take wise decision on getting orders and also expansion of business. Share market will be dull and Real estate business should take steps very promptly. Imports and exports, Logistics business shows good profits during the month.

Scorpio July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope
Placement of Mercury and Mars is good in general. Family atmosphere will be favorable and understand nature may give obstacles free life. With certainty of mindset your personal relations will get strong and will boost confidence and relax. Your egoistic problems will create minor problems which you can overcome this time.

Scorpio July Education and Traveling horoscope
This is time to reach goals in higher studies. Put more concentration to get excellent results. Students will get succeed in examinations in first attempt itself without stress. Concentration in studies will put them more strong and energetic; travels to foreign lands for higher education may give confidence in their achievement.

Scorpio Scorpio July Health horoscope

It is a normal month for health, there might be undiagnosed problems. Protect yourself against skin allergies and food poisoning. Pregnant ladies may suffer with digest and nervous problem immediate doctor attention is required.

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