Free Taurus September Horoscope by Kamal Kapoor

Taurus September monthly 2015 horoscope

This is an auspicious month. Your home life will be peaceful happy and joyous. You will have excellent prosperity in the sphere of profession and you will have gains from various sources; having large gains from government sources or from big contracts is very likely. You will acquire many new articles of luxury and comfort which will improve your lifestyle; you may buy a new vehicle, spend a lot for interior decorations and acquire precious ornaments; your house may have a face-lift and acquire a more attractive look.

Taurus September Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

The rashi lord Venus placement in retrograde in the 3rd house is normal. Saturn (10th and 11th lord) is in the 6th house is good. Transits of Rahu & Ketu to 5th and 11th houses are normal. In profession your colleagues will be very helpful and if you need, they will be ready to offer active assistance just upon your asking. Your merit and talent will be recognized by superiors which gives you advancement in career. You should try to change your tendency to act less and relax more which you may acquire during the month. In business, you may become more active and capable of diverting people’s attention on you. Your self-confidence will increase and you will receive full cooperation and support from the partners. All your ventures will become productive and you may be successful to start a new venture. Increase your manpower to meet the projects requirement. This month you will have good gains from speculations and speculative investments. Earnings from fixed assets may give scope but finance, but your circumstantial inability to control expenditure may cause worry.

Taurus September Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Mercury (Lord of Family and Love) placed in 5th house is in good strength. It is a lovely month for stabilizing relationship. Conjugal bliss seems to be good and may chance to increase trust between partners. Love life goes progressively partner will be more attached to you and want to convert into long-term relationship.

Taurus September Education and Traveling horoscope

Mercury power may show you good changes. You will have good progress in academic pursuits and your knowledge in the subjects of interest will increase. You will shine as a capable student and recognition in institution will increase greatly. You will be selected to join your desirable course in prestigious institution in foreign land; put hard and sincere efforts to go thru on it. Travels are good in general try to make new friends which works well to you.

Taurus September Health horoscope

You will remain in normal health and your weight might increase which possibly would need to be checked. The health of your mother might cause you some concern. You may suffer from bilious complaints or blood impurity. You may also suffer from gas generation in the stomach and rheumatic pains.

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