Free Taurus July Horoscope by Kamal Krish Kapoor

Taurus July monthly 2016 horoscope

There is a time for fights against the odds while there is a time for rejoicing successes in life. But there is yet another time in between these two where you have brought out all the weapons in your armory and did all the fighting and wandered what else you could do further at the absence of anything left out in your armoury to reach success. Professionally this would be a really time of uncertainties with problems mounting up each day deprive of solutions.

Taurus July Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn is transiting through the 7th house which is adverse. The transit of Jupiter through the 4th house is also not good. Rahu-Ketu transits through the 4th and 10th houses are adverse. Meanwhile, the transit of Mars through the 8th house, Venus through the 2nd and 3rd houses and Mercury through the 2nd and 3rd houses are going to be good for you thus these transits would produce mixed results. Fighting against the odds was never going to tense you or puzzle you. You are good at showing patience in adverse situations and also in keeping your enthusiasm high even when you lack vision about future as your way of fighting itself is marked with the emotionless and easy taking approach. But prolonged adverse situations and repetitive obstacles in the career path would tire you in continuing the fight. You would start feeling like giving it up and look for a fresh beginning but even for that, you wonít be feeling confident enough. Overall a kind of weakness will start growing inside of your mind. The tensions caused by your superiors along with the enemy kind of attitude shown by a few of your colleagues and also the denial of deserved promotion will frustrate you throughout this month. Moreover, some of the important responsibilities you were enjoying till date will be taken away from you. The possibility of posting someone just above you to take over most of the freedom and controls away from you could make you vexatious by the higher sources are high in this month. Financially this would be an average month without much significance but considering the adverse trends in your profession, financially the troubles would be much lesser. Anyway, much surveillance over your expenditure is a must . Otherwise, the situation may get harder.

Taurus July Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

Taurus in July 2016 your personal life will be subject to ups and downs in this month, but you will be able to manage things and keep everything under control. If you could make sure that you donít lose your cool over small nuisance created by your spouse or other family members, then this month wonít cause many issues to you. Social life would continue to be average.

Taurus July Education and Traveling horoscope

There is no significant change could be expected in this month. Due to the scoring of fewer marks in the recent exams, you will be forced to deviate your academic plans which would keep you in a numb situation as you will not be able to understand which direction to move exactly. Those who are planning to travel too have to sail through many obstacles.

Taurus July Health horoscope

Though there is no major health issue foreseen for you in this month, it would be advisable to be careful from having an injury on your neck or shoulder region as if takes place it may prolong.

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