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Research Method

Crystal healing is only concerned with energy. Physical body is the end result of energy. If the energies of the body can be stimulated and balanced, the physical body must repair itself.

Crystal Healing is non-intrusive and non-invasive. It only adjusts energy fields. The results are fast and gentle. Used together with medicine, crystals can accelerate healing and reach areas difficult to work with by conventional methods.

Tools Used in Research

Dowsing : Dowsing is one of the most common tools for measuring energy fields. Normally, the human energy field extends from 6 to 18 inches from the body. A simple pair of dowsing rods can be made from two coat hangers and a soda straw. Cut off the bottom wire of two metal coat hangers. Bend one end of each wire at a point four inches from one end at a 90-degree angle. Then you will have two "L" shaped pieces of wire. The handle will be about four inches long and the pointer about 10 inches. Cut a plastic soda straw in half. Slip the pieces over the two handles. This allows the wires to swing freely without being affected by your fingers. Step back several feet from the object or person you are measuring. Hold wires in front of you, pointed forward and parallel to each other. Adjust them until they are balanced and swing freely from side to side. Walk toward the person or object. When you hit their field, the wires will move and either cross or open wide.

Kirlian Photography : This process was originated by Nikola Tesla, but pioneered by Simon Kirlian of Czechoslovakia. This is a method of photography with a high voltage, low amperage field of 50000 volts or more. The life force or bio-energy field can be photographed and portrayed. 

A visible picture can be made showing any increase in the energy field of the subject by taking photos before and after crystal, healing techniques are used. Any object can be photographed and the resultant changes observed.

Blood Platelet Photography : Magnified picture blood samples slides show the shape and color of blood platelets. Research has a shown correlate between some diseases and the way the platelets look when photographed. Photos before and after crystal healing have shown dramatic changes in these platelets.

Hemoglobin Count : Dr. Delores Krieger, Dean of Nursing at the New York University School of Nursing, has shown evidential changes in hemoglobin after using her technique she calls Therapeutic Touch. This is a verifiable way of showing physiological changes after healing.

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