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Increasing Energy

Pendants - Wearing a crystal pendant over the heart chakra band stimulates the thymus gIand and thus the immune system. The heart chakra band extends from the hollow of the throat to the juncture of the breastbone. The chain should be of a conductive metal, such as silver or gold, or other natural materials like silk, leather, cotton, or wool. A crystal worn in this area will show an increase in energy fields from three to five times the normal energy level while measured by both Kirlian photography and dowsing.

Charging - Drop a one-inch or larger crystal into a gallon of water. Overnight, the Energy level or field of the gallon of water will increase from one foot to ten feet. Anyone who drinks the water will transfer that energy to his or her own body. Try this test. Have one person hold a dowsing rod five feet away, pointed at a second person. Have the second person drink a small glass of uncharged water and wait one minute. Observe any change in the dowsing rod. Now, have them drink a similar-sized glass of crystal-charged water. Wait one minute. See if the dowsing rod moves. In our tests, we measured the energy changing from a normal distance of about one foot to an increase of as much as fifteen feet. The uncharged water caused no changes.

Charged Food - Charging food replaces the energy lost in growing, picking, packaging, and shipping. The food in supermarkets is sometimes only 25% of the strength of fresh grown, organic food. Placing the food on crystals will charge them, even through their containers. This will help replace the lost energy. Cooking food causes some energy loss. Placing a plate of food on crystal slices will help recover that loss. Even five minutes of charging is very beneficial. Crystal energy grids are even more effective.

Charged Clothing and Bedding - Placing crystals in bureau drawers and in linen Closets will charge your clothing and your sheets and pillowcases. A crystal in each shoe or placing your shoes on crystals is very effective because he bottoms of the feet are where most of the meridians of the body surface. These provide direct lines for the charged shoes to transmit their new energy to the organs and systems of the body. In all cases, the charging effect can be transferred to the body and the energy can be used.

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